Make Shift Happen Book (PDF)

Learn 20 new mindsets that will help you dramatically change how you look by transforming how you think.

This book came about because I had success losing 30lbs after the age of 45. And there was ONE SECRET that opened the floodgates for me.

I discovered that change happens from the inside out. If you don't change the kinds of thoughts you have, then you are eventually going to end up right back where you once were regardless of what you are doing or how hard you are working.

I bet you can relate to that right? I'm sure you could share countless examples in your life where you worked your butt off only to find yourself back to where you once were.

That's because you only focused on the things you needed to do. But you still thought the same way you always thought.


when you begin to change the kinds of thoughts you have and combine that with the right tactical strategies, AWESOME STUFF HAPPENS!

That insight was a game changer and finally allowed me to build a SUCCESSFUL BODY.

And if you are going to have success creating a successful body then you need to start by adopting new, empowering mindsets.

That's how change happens.

When you change how you think (replace an old mindset with a new empowering one) you change what you believe. When you change what you believe, you change how you behave. And when you change how you behave you create the opportunity for remarkable results to unfold.

This book is a collection of my 20 best mindsets worth stealing to help you kickstart your transformation.

Examples include...

  • Think in Beta (my personal favourite)
  • Decide in advance (this one is super powerful)
  • Recover like Wile E. Coyote (remember him from those Bugs Bunny cartoons?)

You don't need to adopt all 20. In fact, you should NOT look to adopt all 20. The idea is to go through them all and pick the 3 to 5 that resonate with you the most and then commit all your resources to focusing on those every single day for the next 100 days.

When you focus on change from the inside out you give yourself the gift of building your own successful body.

That's a gift everyone deserves to have.

Perhaps it is time you gave yourself that gift? You won't be disappointed!