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Episode Guide...

Episode 1: The Magic of Three Mindset

Episode 2: The Framework Mindset

Episode 3: The Difficult Conversation Mindset

Episode 4: The Orange Mindset 

Episode 5: The Expressing Gratitude Mindset 

Episode 6: The 180º Mindset 

Episode 7: The Perfect Day Mindset (Inspired by Kevin Dwyer. Rest in peace my friend)

Episode 8: The Root Cause Mindset

Episode 9: The @Fault Mindset

Episode 10: The Post-Mortem Mindset

Episode 11: The Egoless Mindset

Episode 12: The One Thing Mindset

Episode 13: The Einstein Mindset

Episode 14: The LeBron James Mindset

Episode 15: The Flawless Mindset

Episode 16: What your car says about your state of mind

Episode 17: Removing Resistance

Episode 18: Coming soon.


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