Rules of email engagement

Here are the 4 Do's and 5 Don'ts to contacting me. Please note if I do not reply then you did not comply with the email protocol. Feel free to try again if that is the case.

Four things you must do...

One. Keep emails to a single sexy idea.

That's right. Your idea better be sexy baby!

Two. In the subject line use [Ask] or [Give] along with a description that clearly states what it is you are looking to accomplish.

Here are some examples...

Subject Line: [Ask] Podcast Interview Request

Subject Line: [Ask] Will you marry me?

Subject Line: [Give] Money???

Subject Line: [Give] Praise for the Deano

Three. Keep your message to about 100 words.

Think Twitter X 10.

Four. Be you.

I'm not interested in safe, polictically correct emails. I'm intersted in you. So be you. Be heroic. Be funny. Be original. Just don't be like everyone else.

Five things you should never do...

One. Call me Sir.

That usually means you are a Nigerian prince (or princess) who has just inherited a fortune and you want to send it to me. I appreciate the generosity, but you are too late. A widow from England is sending me her late husband's fortune to avoid the ghastily estate taxes she would incur otherwise. Now that she has my bank account number and password I should be receiving that money any day.

Two. Call me Mr. Dwyer.

I'm too immature to be called mister. Dean is fine. If you are feeling especially heroic Deano it shall be.

Three. Start off your email with Dear Dean.

Dear should only be used if you are breaking up with me and if that is the case please don't use email. That's lame, even for me.

Four. Start off with "I hate my life."

Think of email like dating. Don't lead with the scary "run away screaming" stuff until after we get "married."

Five. Not mention my name

When you start off an email with "Hi" or "Hello" then I know you have no clue who I am, which means you are pitching me on something I don't want or didn't ask for. So unlike Jerry McGuire, you were deleted at hello.

Wall of Fame (Great emails)...

This email was perfect and got an immediate response.

Contact me...

OK if you got this far you are ready for your first mission. Send your email to...


Good luck.

Dean from Canada





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