Episode #1: See what others don't with Sylvestor Stalone

One of the flaws we have in our human operating system is we only see things within the context they are presented. Meaning it is not instinctive for us to think about how an idea could be effectively transferred to a seemingly unrelated domain.

And yet many of the greatest creations are exactly that. They come to life because someone had the foresight to take an idea and use it in a way no one else thought possible.

Henry Ford's idea for the automobile assembly line  was actually something the meat packing industry had been doing for years. He took the idea and applied it in a way NO ONE else thought to do.

Sylvestor Stallone did the same thing Henry Ford did and in the process created one of the most beloved and celebrated movies of our time.

Watch the video to learn to learn where he was, what he saw and how he decided to use the idea.


1. Video: Shot by Carmen Dodado

2. Music: The Rocky Theme song. Learn more here.

3. Idea: Sylvestor Stalone. Check him out on Facebook.

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