[S2] Episode #5: Why positive thinking is useless

Oct 06, 2019

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Hola!! Hope you are well my friend.

Got a NEW SHOW for you today! In this episode I share a case study of a major mindset mistake I see many people make when they are interacting within online communities.

Here is what I dig into...

  1. The difference between 1st Level Thinking vs. 2nd Level Thinking (hat tip to investor Howard Marks for this brilliant concept).
  2. Why you should NOT be asking advice from this group of people...EVER!
  3. Why positive thinking is useless when it comes to helping you solve complex problems.

As always, be sure you pay attention to your own thoughts that arise and look to steal the principles that you can apply to all the most important areas of your life.

OK! Go be awesome today mon ami!

Your friendly neighbourhood mental conditioning coach,