[S2] Episode #3: Building your ground zero skills

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2019

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Hola mon ami.

Sorry today's episode is a little late. I just made my move back to Toronto last night. My place was a mess (A major renovation and a year of dust collecting will do that) so by the time I got some sort of order to my little hut, it was 12:00 am and I was exhausted. (Ah poor Dean and his first world problems!)

But I am back at it today and ready to share something I think you will find incredibly valuable.

In today's episode I hit on some big ideas around a concept I call Ground Zero Skills. This is a mindset I think about often, especially in a time where job security for most no longer exists. 

The show is based on a hypothetical question.

If you lost everything financially today and you had nothing but a laptop and an internet connection, what skills do you possess {{first_name}} that would allow you to begin making money tomorrow?

Pretty good question qui? That's going to help you get your noodle on!

Here is what I dig into in today's show...

  1. I share the story of a young woman who was let go from her job and forced to start from scratch with a ground zero skill she had acquired.
  2. The $1000 course that I invested in to acquire an extremely valuable ground zero skill for myself at the age of 53.
  3. Why you need to protect yourself by creating a ground zero skill of your own.

Click here to listen.

Before I go, I always end the same way. Remember to pay attention to the thoughts that scratch their way to the surface while you are listening to this. Don't ignore them. Acknowledge them, capture them and noodle on them in a way that lets you do something extraordinary with them.

OK, that's it. Now go be freaking awesome today.

Dean the bean.

PS. Consider making a relationship deposit by leaving a review for this show or any podcast for that matter that you listen to that you love. I'm telling you, that Karma will come back to you. :-)



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