[S2] Episode #2: The power of making relationship deposits

Sep 24, 2019

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How are you my friend?

So listen. I got a cool show for you today. It's actually a lost episode. I recorded this 3 months ago (Canada Day Long Weekend) and completely forgot about it. But I just had a listen and it's too good not to share.

In today's episode I hit on some big ideas around the Relationship Deposit Mindset.

This is a mindset I practice every single day.

It's always my goal to make a relationship deposit. By that I mean I am always looking to add value to someone's life so that when they exit the transaction their life is better than it was before.

Here is what I dig into in today's show...

  1. I share the story of something that happened to me with a few Starbucks employees and how I discovered that my behaviour is contagious and can impact others on my behave, even when I myself am not physically present.
  2. I break down some of the tactics I use to make relationship deposits. 
  3. And I share some strategies that you can start using right now to begin making relationship deposits with everyone who enters your circle of influence.

I will sign off by reminding you to pay attention to your thoughts that claw their way to the surface while you are listening to this. Don't ignore them. Instead, acknowledge them, capture them and noodle on them in a way that lets you do something extraordinary with them.

OK, that's it.

Now go do something remarkable with today my friend and remember-keep being awesome.


PS. If you like the show and you want to make a relationship deposit of your own, consider leaving an iTunes review. Thanks mon ami. :-)