[S2] Episode #1: The awesomeness of aging

Sep 22, 2019

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How are my friend?

Dean Dwyer here. So a few things. I'm starting season two of the mindset show.  Season one now has 25 episodes. That seemed like a good place to end it.

In today's episode I hit on 3 big ideas about the awesomeness of aging as I enter my 54th year on the planet - or day 19,710 for those playing along at home.

  1. Why I don't post my birthday on my Facebook page. It has something to do with our human hardwiring to follow the herd.
  2. Why getting to today is truly a miracle we need to do a better job embracing and celebrating.
  3. Why getting older is awesome and how it's possible to live more in the upcoming year than the previous ten.

Regardless of how old you are, you will find a few valuable mindsets in today's episode that will positively impact your life moving forward.

Ok that's it. Remember to pay attention to the thoughts that bubble to the surface as you listen to this show. If they scratch their way to the surface of your grey matter it means they are important. Acknowledge them. Capture them. And find a way to noodle on them in a meaningful and useful way.

Now go do something remarkable with today and remember - keep being awesome!