Episode #25: Why I do 5-minute abs.

Sep 18, 2019

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What's going on my friend?

Dean Dwyer here. If you have been listening to these shows, then you have heard me mention that I designed a program for myself called 5-minute abs. (Don't you dare think of one-upping me or is it one-downing me with 4-minute abs!!)

It has worked remarkably well, much to the surprise of my abs.

Well a young man from New York (who coincidentally owns a super cool acting studio that sports Oscar winner Sam Rockwell as a former student) asked me if I could elaborate on what I do.

So I thought I would use this podcast to do that. 

BUT I will go one better. Not only will I tell you what I do, but I will tell you the 4 WHYS behind WHAT I do. The WHYS are far more valuable to you than my WHAT.

There will be lots of ideas for you to steal in this one. Let you mind run wild with the possibilities.

That's it my friend. Have an amazing rest of your day.

Now go be remarkable.