E17: Removing Resistance.

mindsets for success Aug 23, 2019

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When Steve Jobs came back to Apple for his second and most successful stint, one of the first things he did is cut their product line by 70%. 

As Jobs would later say, "Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do."

I disagree. I think deciding what not to do is even more important than what to do, because the list of what not do is MUCH longer. And each item on that list of unnecessary things comes with its own unique brand of resistance that beats us down and burns us out over time.

In today's podcast episode I share a personal story of how I am going about removing resistance.

As you are listening I would suggest two things.

One. Pay attention to the thoughts that bubble up to the surface, even if they are not related to resistance. They are important.

Two. When the episode is over do this powerful thinking exercise.

Identify one area of your life where you have created a tremendous amount of resistance. What could you begin to remove to reduce or eliminate the resistance it has created?

That's it my friend.


To building mindsets for success,