Big Idea #4

Can training affect aging?

First I have to tell you that I am typing this on my iPad with my new wireless keyboard. Technology truly amazes me. I can carry around everything I need to run my business online (almost) in a man purse if I really wanted to. The bigger question of course is do I want to Read More

Flip your values

Case Study: Flip your values to establish your authority online

In my last podcast I talked about flipping values, but it has been such a profound concept that I thought I would go into it in a bit more detail in this post. One of the challenges you face in the art of lifestyle design is how to go about establishing yourself as an authority Read More

Flip your values podcast

Flip your values to find your competitive advantage

Flip your values is such extremely profound concept when it comes to the art of lifestyle design. In this episode I share some insights and examples about how the idea came to be (based on a talk by Scott Belsky of Behance) and I share how I am using this idea in my own work. Read More

the other murphy's law

The Other Murphy’s Law: The best way to complain is to make things

I was listening to Tina Roth Eisenberg give a talk at 99u and she referenced this quote. “The best way to complain is to make things.” ~James Murphy, LCD Sound System Roth referenced a story from her own life where she took this advice to heart. One day her daughter came home with some hideous Read More

train like a human
The power of a podcast that makes no money
Big Idea(1)

What if you designed a lifestyle where you lived everyday like it was your vacation?

Dean Dwyer

Tim Ferriss Story

[Season 1] Big idea #10: Start stating your intentions

Wow, I can’t believe that Season one is almost over. It’s funny how quickly 10 weeks actually goes by. Yee haa! So I mentioned in a previous podcast (can’t remember which one) that I was looking to volunteer at the upcoming Mastermind Talks event that was happening on June 18th and 19th, 2014. Well that Read More

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